An intro is needed😉

Welcome the insight of my classically classy, romantically creative, and centrally joyful world! Now there are many other things in this world of mine that I’d have to name but the posts on this page can give you some future insight. Besides that, I have to say that I am pleased to share my thoughts and aspirations with you guys. What you will find here is some outfits I put together out of inspiration, whats new in my train of thought, and whatever you guys request of me. Now as far as intro’s are concerned, I love shopping, food, music, and designing clothes. Designing clothes plays a big role in not only my personality, but in my dreams and aspiration, and it’s also what makes life worth the inspiration for me. Keeping to the point, designing and fashion is sort of the deal with this blog. It’s not just about me here! I want to be able to inspire others around me, I want to inspire future designers to do what makes them happy too.

So I would like to say from the bottom  of my heart, that I can’t wait to share my stories and the current events of my world with you.

– MissOfRoses404

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Brunch Date ❤️ 💝

Brunch Date ❤️ 💝