⚜Spring Preview⚜ (My style)

Let me introduce you to the inspiration of my own for this year.

The ending of the French Revolution starts the idea of simple but sophisticated fashion among men and women in French costume. The driving force of this proposition was to abolish the class division among people. Cotton soon became the most popular material in clothing. Many wore dark and sober colors as well as dull colors and another being the tricolor cockade. Now I’m not saying I’m going to have big frilly circles with blue, white, and red in my sets, but the idea of these colors are being mixed with another pleasuring fashion era of mine. The style of the European Queens.

Queen Victoria of England may have lead a proper and prestigious nation, but you can’t ignore the surefire and elegant way she dressed, or I should say her seamstress dressed her. The veils, the floral, the lace,and the gracefully stylish dresses! Of all things in her wardrobe, Victoria treasured jewelry that fit her complexion. Most of the things she wore was used to please the men of her life.She had also set the trend for wearing a scarlet & gold tunic, navy riding skirt, and small plumed hat for reviewing the troops which is still worn today by her great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth. It’s no wonder there is an era named after her! Queen Elizabeth I, one of my favorites, had also made a huge mark on elegant English fashion with the large variation of poised gowns. Elizabeth wore gowns of all colors, but she mostly treasured black and white as they at the time symbolized virginity and purity. Her gowns would be glamorously hand embroidered with colored Image result for Queen Elizabeth Ithread of countless variety, which in addition ornamented with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and many kinds of jewels! So I’d say about more than half of me can’t be any more ready to introduce my collection of outfits and home decor for spring.

🎀Vanquishing Royalty🎀 = A mix of The Queens of Europe and fashion after the French Revolution. And of course I’ll be featuring garments of my favorite designers, mainly  Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior, Betsy Johnson, Yves Saint Laurent, Kate Spade, and last (but not really the last😉) Dabuwawa. Please look forward to it and enjoy!

– Lot’s of love,  RosyMiss404



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