Signed M.O.R. #1

Hello my fellow viewers! I would first like to start of by saying that I am truly grateful to all of you for finding interest in my fashion sets and suggestions. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I had created this site, but I can most definitely say it has truly been joyous giving you all a gaze at my romantically creative world. Please look forward to more genuinely detailed and exiting content!

So in my last written post I was talking about my inspiration for spring fashion coming from the Queens of Europe. I guess you can say that the title of this post looks a little different or official in some way? You’d be correct! I’m staring a new series of letters called ‘Signed M.O.R.’s which will serve as my way to give quick updates and to reach out to all of you viewers out there. I also want to be able to hear many of your suggestions, comments, concerns, etc. Again thank you for your likes and views and expect even more in the future!

– MissOfRoses404



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