They didn’t all die…..

It brought me great sadness after learning that my Polyvore sets had been deleted along with my account (which by the way started in summer of 2016). Luckily I made a collage of some of my sets but not all of them because some stupid 14 year old thought that she’ll always have access to them. The last few pics don’t belong to me, but they do belong to an online Korean fashion shop, Maralang Rouge, and had given me some inspiration when I first started my fashion blog. (No I’m not sponsoring them) I’m sure you all know the drill, school got the best of me and the best thing I can say about it is that I barely passed all of my classes (but I did pass!). I miss you all so much and above all I miss who I used to be. When I started on WordPress, my main goal was to express my creativity in fashion. Then I published so much content and at school it seemed as though I had it all going for me. But your classy lady wasn’t so classy the next year, she turned into a train wreck that thought she knew it all. Regardless of my failure, I am happy to say that I have gotten my spark back! I finally feel like myself and ready to reembark on my journey of creativity 😭👏😘.

With loads of love (and a fiery craving for coffee) – MissOfRoses404


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