The two keys to understanding life

Felicitations and welcome! Usually I’d have a speech/excuse of some sort to start off, but where’s the fun in that? Two and a half months have gone by, and since then I have learned that within the process of gaining knowledge and wisdom, you’re subject to what I call the ‘booming’ of countless ideas and realizations about and within life itself. I know, duh, this isn’t brand new information. And although we all learn of this at some point in our lives, there is a huge difference between knowing something and truly understanding it. For many of us, we grow up hearing things like, “Save your money” “Find your true happiness” or “Your habits dictate your future”. Years will go by and it’s like we have to have six different break-ups, a period of bankruptcy, and a few drunken outbursts to finally figure out the advice that was given to you. Many of us want to understand these things without the extra years of hardships. I’m not saying that what I’m about to give you will completely make your life easier. What it will do however, is help you learn more at a faster rate and hopefully give you a better understanding of what kind of purpose you serve.

The first and most important piece of advice I can give, is to do your research. Intelligence in of itself is what many great billionaires and philosophers had used to move them forward in life. Many of which have also read loads of books, and these books in particular, are written by those before them who have gone through many hardships and have grown to understand a lot about life because of it. Books serve the purpose of compacting years of collected knowledge and experiences that can be learned in less than two weeks. Times have changed and now people are able to understand even more in even less time with new information and developments to technology and the internet. What I’m initially trying to explain is that the point of learning more about the world and how it can help you move forward. For me, it wasn’t until I awoke one morning and my thirst for learning grew more and more intense, that I immersed myself into a world I understood not just visually, but on so many other levels. I was able to pinpoint the three main passions I had in the world I lived in and I continued to learn more so I can make a life for myself with these passions. Bottom line? Do your research, learn more and more about the world each day and apply that knowledge to your life.

The last thing on this short, short list is finding your passion. Although this should’ve been the first thing on this list, I feel that in order to understand what gives oneself a passion, intelligence is the first thing you need in order to take you to a level high enough to understand how to get there. But why does it matter Miss? What if I don’t want to find a passion in life? If all that you’re looking for is a mediocre life, by all means, leave now. But understand that regardless of our beliefs, we all have one life to live as the person you know now. In order to make the most of it we must learn more about it and what in it makes us truly happy! Remember the billionaires I was telling you about? Not only were they able to earn such a heavy cash-flow, but some of them were able to do this¬† whilst also doing what they love. Not to mention that with the money they have, they are able to travel the world and experience things we probably wont be able to experience in our lives. Find out what makes you truly happy, and when I say truly I don’t mean for you to say, “Well sitting around playing video games make me happy.” I want you to go learn things about yourself and find the things in this world that thrill you, things that gives you dreams, a reason to live.

Good Luck to all!

–¬† ¬†MissOfRoses


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