Central Park Walk

Central Park Walk

Signed M.O.R. #2

Hiya my darling roses out there! I surely do hope you’re all having a great Fall season so far because I simply cannot express my dear love of lattes and plaid scarves this season brings every year. Fall magazine issues, the clip-clops of boots, orders of 12 different cups of coffee, the up and coming holiday’s, and (my personal favorite) the blooming of new ideas for writers and bloggers all around the world. But even with these giant, soft clouds of joy, it has been a truly sad couple of months away from my beloved fashion blog of romantic creations. My absence has been a result of my new environment and demands from life to suddenly work really hard. Moving on and up , as some may say, is a process that requires patience and self motivation. But worry not my dearies, I am feeling much better now after a long, emotional phone call from my best friend and some much needed binge watching of Sex and the City. So as always, please expect more content (as well I said life has) and keep many positive thoughts on your beautiful minds.


– With love, MissOfRoses404

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